Video biographies to inspire future generations

The video biography is a way of celebrating life’s achievements, history and memories. Commemorations of birthdays, retirement, company ceremonies or more personal documentary films. Films that give a lasting legacy of family history, personality, wise words and the story of a journey through life to pass on and inspire future generations after death. Contact us for info and prices.

Documenting the final period of a person’s lifetime can be a most profound, insightful and spiritual legacy for any human to pass on. I use as a case study, a film I made about my own family based around the story of my mother who passed away in 2006. It’s before the advent of cinematic HD cameras so the picture quality is lacking. Charming though

In the summer of 2006 I’d been filming bands at Glastonbury festival and passed by my mothers home in the west country on the way back. I had the idea of interviewing her about the family history as she was the last custodian of several generations of memorabilia and stories. I did this and started cutting together a documentary using old photos and super 8 footage dating back to the 60s. Two months later she was diagnosed with cancer and died shortly after.

This came as a shock to everybody. The 90 minute documentary which traces her life and ends with the funeral has become her legacy to the world and a way for the generations that have come afterwards to know something of the woman behind the stories. Editing the film during this intense period was incredibly moving and cathartic.  Realising the invaluable nature of such a project, I decided to put my video production background to use by offering this as a service to other families.