Wedding Videography London 

We are a small team of London based wedding videographers founded by Ian Burke, a videographer and editor of 15 years experience. We like to produce cool, stylish and unpretentious wedding videos that can be viewed throughout the years for many generations to come. We also have many years of experience in documentaries and music videos and can bring these influences to your wedding film. 

We blend seamlessly and unobtrusively into your wedding day while capturing all the important moments. We keep in the background while capturing the natural flow of the day and most importantly, showing everyone in their best light. Here are some examples of the wedding videos we’ve made over the years.

wedding videography LondonWedding videography

Gorgeous, cinematic films of once in a lifetime events. We keep the wedding videography subtle and unobtrusive. Our job is to keep out of the way but capture everything and make everyone look as good as possible. Weddings are often the only time in life when large groups of extended families and friends gather. This allows a unique opportunity to capture many generations at once with films that live on far into the future. Contact us now for more info and prices.

Video Biographywedding videographer

As well as wedding videos we can also produce biography films either as part of a wedding film or as a separate piece. Documentary style ‘Biography Films’ (video biographies) can commemorate landmark events in a persons life. Birthdays, weddings, wedding anniversaries, vow renewals, retirement, graduation, naming ceremonies. The film can trace a life story or family history with  interviews, voiceover, photographs, home videos, wedding videos, graphics and music. It’s an enjoyable and rewarding experience and can be one of the most treasured and valuable relics for a family, giving future generations an insight into the lives of their ancestors.

Where wedding videography and video biographies meet
This is a short film about my own family tracing 70 years of weddings.